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VoteWatch Europe is the leading organisation that tracks and forecasts EU political developments, through a unique combination of big political data and expert insights.

Our services are requested by influential public and private organisations, universities, politicians and the media. 

Our work is built on two pillars:

1) we follow the dynamics in the EU institutions (majority building, winners and losers, cohesion of the groups) to identify the supporters, opponents and the kingmakers among the EU Parliamentarians on any given policy proposal or broader area;

2) we follow the socio-political trends across the continent (opinion polls, governments’ change) in order to forecast the changes in the balance of power in both the European Parliament and the Council,  and hence the agenda and the margin of maneuver of the European Commission, on any given policy proposal.

Since our launch in early 2009, we have achieved outstanding results and have built ourselves into a top quality source of intelligence. Our data and analysis are used on a daily basis by thousands of EU decision-makers, stakeholders, researchers, journalists and citizens. Our analysis are quoted by the media world-wide (e.g. CNN, Euronews, Financial Times, Le Monde, DW, La Stampa, El Pais, etc).

An independent study by Hill&Knowlton Strategies also found VoteWatch to be the think tank / platform that is the most followed by the MEPs themselves.

Our services: in addition to subscribing to our newsletter or for accessing data via the website, we also provide tailored research and/or deliver presentations to groups interested in learning more. This is a private service for which we expect a financial compensation, which we use to sustain our public work.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to explore how you can benefit from our services.