EU parliament’s biggest parties vote together

VoteWatch Europe recent research is being used in this Financial Times report:

11 March 2015

There cannot be many legislatures in Europe where the largest political party and the second largest party are rivals, yet vote the same way 80 per cent of the time. Since last May’s European Parliament elections, the EU assembly has turned into just such a place.

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Juncker vote reveals Socialist divisions in Parliament
23 October 2014

A dissident group of 32 MEPs amongst the Socialists & Democrats group in the European Parliament didn’t support Jean-Claude Juncker’s new Commission, according to data by Votewatch Europe.

Jean-Claude Juncker’s new Commission won the support of the European Parliament yesterday (22 October) with 423 votes in favour, 209 against, and 67 abstentions. Continue Reading

Will eurosceptics force a new political reality on Europe?

Euronews – The Network (Debate featuring Doru Frantescu, Director of VoteWatch Europe)


Many analysts are predicting a surge in support for eurosceptics and hardline nationalist parties in May’s EU parliamentary elections. In this edition of The Network Chris Burns and his panel of guests consider the consequences if the predictions are borne out. Continue Reading

Recalling the roll calls

European Voice –


Testing an [VoteWatch] app that lets citizens delve into an MEP’s voting history.

MEPs on the campaign trail ahead of next May’s European Parliament elections ought to think twice before they stretch the truth when it comes to their voting record, as a new app from VoteWatch Europe puts MEPs’ entire voting history in their constituents’ hands. Continue Reading

Parlement européen : quel parti travaille le plus ?



La France, comme tous les pays d’Europe, s’apprête à élire ses eurodéputés. L’occasion de faire le bilan des sortants en matière de participation aux votes, mais aussi de rapports et déclarations. Pour ce faire, nous avons eu recours aux données de VoteWatch, une ONG qui travaille à établir une comptabilité du travail des parlementaires européens.

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Finding its voting feet


The European Parliament is a funny old place. Armed with ever increasing legislative powers, as MEPs giddy with the as-yet unexplored possibilities of the Lisbon Treaty tell us with admirable regularity, it is nevertheless a legislature without a single demos, elected on a low average voter turnout and where a stifling sense of consensus reigns. Continue Reading