Exclusive interview: the outlook for EU-Colombia relations in an increasingly divided world

By Carolina Chaparro Alba

The increasingly assertive behavior of the US administration and of other major powers such as Russia and China,  is posing a challenge to the clout of the EU in the world. While also facing the rise of nationalist forces across the European continent, the EU executive branch is becoming more isolated in its promotion of a consensus-driven approach to internal relations. Continue Reading

What Brussels influencers do wrong and how to fix it

Doru Peter Frantescu is CEO & cofounder of VoteWatch Europe (the most influential platform among MEPs), as well as a member of the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence.


Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman’s excellently showcases in his book Thinking, fast and slow why some people get things wrong most of the time: they rely solely on “fast (un-analytical) thinking”. Continue Reading

Event: Future of the EU post-2019 Briefing with Prof. Simon Hix

Future of the EU post-2019
Briefing with Prof. Simon Hix
23 November, 9:30 – 10:30 (Brussels)

The European Parliament will hold its elections next year in a very different political context: it will be the first time the UK will not be taking part. Furthermore, the post-elections EP will reflect all the many changes that have occurred in the continental socio-political landscape since 2014, as it will factor in the weakening of some of the traditional forces and the strengthening of emerging challengers

Join us for this special brief with Simon Hix, distinguished professor of political science at the London School of Economics, to discuss the likely scenarios for Europe beyond 2019. Continue Reading

Stakeholder’s perspective: how should you position yourself ahead of 2019 ?

Recently the CEO and co-founder of VoteWatch Europe, Doru Peter Frantescu, was invited to be one of the speakers of the panel discussion “How to position your organization for the 2019 EP Elections” organized by the Public Affairs Council. He provided useful tools and interpretation grids to analyse the 2019’s changes of EU landscape from a stakeholder’s perspective. Continue Reading

Winners and losers of EU politics – July 2018 (Copyright, Mobility Package, electoral reform and much more!)

The last plenary session of the European Parliament before the summer pause was filled with groundbreaking developments. EU Parliamentarians fought over key (and controversial) decisions on the EU copyright rules, data protection, the mobility package, the EU electoral law, the definition of climate refugees, the EU’s stance on the controversy between Turkey and Armenia, and many other hot topics on the EU agenda. Continue Reading

Movers and shakers of EU politics – June 2018

While the summer break is just behind the corner, the hectic political debate in Brussels shows no sign of abating. In fact, the upcoming year will bring about a series of brand new changes: a new balance of power in the EP following the elections in May 2019, a new leadership of the EU institutions, and the (tentative) finalization of the Brexit negotiations. At the same time, EU decision-makers are expected to make progress on the proposed reforms of the Eurozone governance, the EU asylum system and the ambitious proposals for the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework, among many other hot issues. Continue Reading

Interview: Digital innovator weighs in on how big data shapes the political debate

The Director and co-Founder of VoteWatch Europe, Doru Peter Frantescu, has been recently interviewed by Anna Aleksandra Koj, of European Affairs Recruitment Specialists (EARS). During the discussion, Frantescu showcased the sound business practices adopted by VoteWatch Europe, arguably the most successful and innovative digital company within the EU Affairs community. Continue Reading

Exclusive interview: Albanian progress on its path towards EU membership

 By Xhoana Shehu

The recent acceleration in the Western Balkans’ path towards EU membership results from the window of opportunity opened by the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council, as the South Eastern country is highly supportive of the EU perspective of the region, due to the regional linkage they have. Indeed, after the 6-months Bulgarian Presidency, the Western Balkan region is back in the spotlight and is most likely going to stay in the center stage during the Austrian Council Presidency, starting at the end of June, since the country is also friendly to the region.

Continue Reading

Forecast: what changes for the EU in 2019?

Who will be the next President of the European Commission, Council, Parliament and ECB?

What will be the priorities of the Spitzenkandidaten and of political parties?

Which political groups will we have in the European Parliament after the elections?

At VoteWatch Europe we’re running a continuous monitoring service that allows us to forecast the likely answers to these questions, as well as the direction and speed of policy reforms in areas such as energy, environment, trade, financial services, digital and many more. Continue Reading

Winners and losers of EU politics – June 2018 (NATO, posting of drivers, etc)

During June’s plenary session, MEPs took key decisions on the future rules for the workers in the road transportation sector, the future cooperation between the EU and NATO, and debated Rutte’s plans for the future of Europe.

As always, our special report highlights the most disputed issues, who made coalitions with whom, who won and who lost, the oddest voting behavior of EU Parliamentarians (MEPs) and the strangest bedfellows that occurred in Strasbourg. Continue Reading