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EPP and S&D groups at odds on EU security priorities

The non-binding resolution concerning the European Agenda on Security for 2015-2020 proposed by the Commission was adopted by a narrow margin by the European Parliament.

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TTIP mandate makes it through EP plenary. Investors’ protection system remains in limbo

As VoteWatch had predicted, a comfortable majority of Members have endorsed the continuation of negotiations conducted by the EU Executive (the Commission) with its American counterpart.

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Juncker’s investment fund is approved by a grand EP coalition

A rather large majority of EU Parliamentarians (76%) approved the establishment of the European Strategic and Investment Plan (EFSI), also known as the “Juncker Plan”.

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ALDE is back in its kingmaker seat in the EP

Although only 4th biggest, ALDE has won more votes in the EP plenary than any other group. This is counter-intuitive, yet made possible by the fragmentation of power and the balance of forces between the left and the right.

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Votewatch in the media

A hacktivist toolbox

Politico wrote that VoteWatch is arguably the best-known tool to browse and scrutinize the data.
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“Ukip is Europe’s laziest party, researchers reveal” (the Guardian’s own title)

The Guardian wrote this report based on VoteWatch data.
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Nationalists defy EU condemnation of Russia abuses

VoteWatch Europe has been quoted by BBC World News
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