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Manfred Weber (EPP) vs. Gianni Pitella (S&D): allies or rivals?

We have looked into the behavior of these two leaders in the current and past EP terms to spot where they agree and where they disagree on key topics that shape European politics today. This is what we found.

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Strong EP majority prepares harmonisation of EU elections’ rules

If adopted, the rules will be a big leap forward towards “Europeanisation of the European elections”, which until now have been seen as “second-order national elections”.

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Do values topple nationality in the European Parliament?

Providing a wealth of data in an accessible format, VoteWatch Europe monitors voting patterns in the European institutions. For the latest European View, co-founder and director Doru Frantescu answers this million-Euro question.

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Majority of EU Parliamentarians endorse the relocation of an additional 120,000 asylum seekers. Conservatives, Far-right and UKIP oppose

Some national party delegations have deviated from the European group line and sided with the position of their national governments.

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Votewatch in the media

A hacktivist toolbox

Politico wrote that VoteWatch is arguably the best-known tool to browse and scrutinize the data.
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“Ukip is Europe’s laziest party, researchers reveal” (the Guardian’s own title)

The Guardian wrote this report based on VoteWatch data.
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Nationalists defy EU condemnation of Russia abuses

VoteWatch Europe has been quoted by BBC World News
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