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Centrist majority (55%) asks for a stronger, better-financed EU foreign and security policy

This topic has raised substantial controversies among the political families represented in the European Parliament and eventuality a rather narrow majority of 55% supported the final text.

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EP centre-right majority backs less legislation to strengthen competitiveness

This approach received the backing of the Christian-democrats (EPP), conservatives (ECR), liberals and democrats (ALDE). The majority was formed also with the votes of British Labour, UKIP and most of the non-attached MEPs.

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Centre-left and Liberal EU Parliamentarians overturn Commission’s proposal on conflict minerals

EU Parliamentarians voted in favour of overturning the Commission’s proposal as well as the one adopted by the INTA Committee and asked for mandatory compliance for “all Union importers” of the so-called “conflict minerals”.

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MEPs urge the Member States to renegotiate maternity leave

The MEPs adopted a resolution urging the Member States to resume negotiations to extend minimum period of paid maternity leave. The resolution was adopted with 419 votes in favor, 97 against and 161 abstentions.

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EU parliament’s biggest parties vote together

VoteWatch Europe recent research is being used in this Financial Times report
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Juncker vote reveals Socialist divisions in Parliament

A dissident group of 32 MEPs amongst the Socialists & Democrats group in the European
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Will eurosceptics force a new political reality on Europe?

Euronews – The Network (Debate featuring Doru Frantescu, Director of VoteWatch Europe)  
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