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Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on protection against injurious pricing of vessels (codification) (First reading) - first reading, Adoption of legislative act

Votes of 28 Member States' representatives

28 (352 Votes)
0 (0 Votes)
0 (0 Votes)
Didn`t vote:
Required to pass:
15 (260 Votes)

Vote details

Date started:
Date of vote:
Policy area:
Legal affairs
Council configuration voting:
Economic and Financial Affairs 
Type of law:
Ordinary legislative procedure (co-decision)
Voting rule:
Qualified majority
Voting stage:
first reading
Total number of readings:
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VoteWatch ID:   784
Link to text of document:   11396/15 (PDF file)
Addendum to minutes:   5302/16 ADD 1 (PDF file)
Council meeting number:   3442
Interinstitutional file no.:   2014/0280/COD
Monthly summary of council acts:   11511/16 (PDF file)
Current status:   Procedure completed
Process remarks:   -
Was it ever a B item?:   No
Working groups:   CODEC 1103 CODIF 96 COMER 113 POLMAR 4
Vote sheet:   5576/16 (PDF file)
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