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Ministers and their substitutes representing Luxembourg in the Council

This information is taken from the EU’s Who is Who and automatically updated as and when changes are made

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Luxembourg representatives

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Representative Function
JUNCKER Jean-Claude Prime Minister, Minister of State, Minister for the Treasury, Minister for Religious Affairs
ASSELBORN Jean Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs
DELVAUX-STEHRES Mady Minister for Education and Vocational Training
FRIEDEN Luc Minister for Finance, Minister for Communications and the Media
DI BARTOLOMEO Mars Minister for Health and Social Security
HALSDORF Jean-Marie Minister for Home Affairs and the Greater Region, Minister for Defence
WISELER Claude Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure
SCHMIT Nicolas Minister for Labour, Employment and Immigration
MODERT Octavie Minister for Justice, Minister for Culture, Minister for the Civil Service and Administrative Reform, Minister for Administrative Simplification attached to the Prime Minister
SCHANK Marco Minister for Housing, Minister with responsibility for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure
HETTO-GAASCH Françoise Minister for Small and Medium-sized Businesses and Tourism, Minister for Equal Opportunities
SCHNEIDER Romain Minister for Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, Minister for Sport, Minister with responsibility for Economic Solidarity
SCHNEIDER Etienne Minister for Economic Affairs and Foreign Trade
SPAUTZ Marc Minister for Family Affairs and Integration, Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Minister for Relations with the Parliament
HANSEN Martine Minister for Higher Education and Research