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Ministers and their substitutes representing Finland in the Council

This information is taken from the EU’s Who is Who and automatically updated as and when changes are made

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Finland representatives

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Representative Function
URPILAINEN Jutta Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Finance
TUOMIOJA Erkki Minister for Foreign Affairs
STUBB Alexander Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade
HAUTALA Heidi Minister for International Development
HENRIKSSON Anna-Maja Minister for Justice
RASANEN Päivi Minister for the Interior
WALLIN Stefan Minister for Defence
VIRKKUNEN Henna Minister for Public Administration and Local Government
GUSTAFSSON Jukka Minister for Education and Science
ARHINMAKI Paavo Minister for Culture and Sports
KOSKINEN Jari Minister for Agriculture and Forestry
KYLLONEN Merja Minister for Transport
HAKAMIES Jyri Minister for Economic Affairs
IHALAINEN Lauri Minister for Labour
RISIKKO Paula Minister for Social Affairs and Health
GUZENINA RICHARDSON Maria Minister for Health and Social Services
NIINISTO Ville Minister for the Environment
KIURU Krista Minister for Housing and Communications
NUMMIKOSKI Velipekka State Secretary
SANTAMAKI-VUORI Tuire State Secretary
ANTTOORA Marjo State Secretary
RANTALA Marcus State Secretary
IKONEN Anna-Kaisa State Secretary
KOSUNEN Tapio State Secretary
LINDEN Jarmo State Secretary
ARTJOKI Risto State Secretary
HAKALA Jouni State Secretary
METSAMAKI Janne State Secretary
RANTAHALVARI Vesa State Secretary
NAATSAARI Sinikka State Secretary
POSKIPARTA Katariina State Secretary