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Ministers and their substitutes representing Denmark in the Council

This information is taken from the EU’s Who is Who and automatically updated as and when changes are made

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Denmark representatives

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Representative Function
VESTAGER Margrethe Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior
GARFIEL Sophus State Secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior
VILHELMSEN Annette Minister for Business and Growth
DITHMER Michael State Secretary, Ministry of Business and Growth
CORYDON Bjarne Minister for Finance
HELLEMANN David State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance
SOVNDAL Villy Minister for Foreign Affairs
GRUBE Claus State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
ZILMER-JOHNS Michael State Secretary for Foreign Policy
BODSKOV Morten Minister for Justice
AXELSSON Anne Kristine State Secretary at the Ministry of Justice
OSTERGAARD Morten Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education
TOUDAL PEDERSEN Uffe State Secretary, Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education
NIELSEN Holger K. Minister for Taxation
BROCHNER Jens State Secretary, Ministry of Taxation
JELVED Marianne Minister for Culture
PRIEN KJELDSEN Karoline State Secretary at the Ministry of Transport
DAM KRISTENSEN Henrik Minister for Transport
HEINSEN Jacob State Secretary at the Ministry of Transport
HANSEN Carsten Minister for Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs
NILAS Claes State Secretary, Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs
FREDERIKSEN Mette Minister for Employment
SMITH Bo State Secretary, Ministry of Employment
ANTORINI Christine Minister for Children and Education
FISKER Jesper State Secretary, Ministry of Children and Education
HAKKERUP Karen Minister for Social Affairs and Integration
ZWISLER Jesper State Secretary, Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration
GJERSKOV Mette Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
BYRGE SORENSEN Ib State Secretary, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
LIDEGAARD Martin Minister for Climate, Energy and Buildings
EGEBO Thomas State Secretary, Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building
OLSEN DYHR Pia Minister for Trade and Investments
THUESEN Lars State Secretary for Trade and Strategy
KRAG Astrid Minister for Health and Prevention
OKKELS Per State Secretary, Ministry of Health and Prevention
HAKKERUP Nick Minister for Defence
FINDSEN Lars State Secretary, Ministry of Defence
AUKEN Ida Minister for the Environment
STUDSGAARD Henrik State Secretary for Trade and Strategy
WAMMEN Nicolai Minister for European Affairs
SAREEN Manu Minister for Gender Equality, Ecclesiastical Affairs and Nordic Cooperation
NEPPER-CHRISTENSEN Henrik State Secretary, Ministry of Gender Equality and Ecclesiastical Affairs
FRIIS BACH Christian Minister for Development Cooperation
PETERSEN Ib State Secretary for Development Policy