VoteWatch Europe AISBL is an independent, non-partisan, international organisation based in the European Capital, Brussels. Our mission is to provide better insights into EU politics by providing  easy access to, and analysis of the political decisions and activities of the European institutions. 

In addition to our regular, free-to-the-public work (available through our website and apps) we also do special activities within EU projects that we undertake with international partners or as paid services upon request by institutions or private organisations.

Our work is trusted by research institutes, public institutions, universities, private sector and the mass media worldwide. Here are just a few of them: European Parliament, Committee of the Regions, Financial Times, the Economist, the New York Times, Eurochambers, AmChamEU, London School of Economics, HEC Paris, CEPS, EPC, European Movement and many more.

We bring added value to our partners by providing:

  1. written or audio-video reports and commentaries on the political developments in Brussels;
  2. private or public presentations and training in Brussels, EU Member States and elsewhere;
  3. education materials on the functioning of EU decision-making process at all levels;
  4. assistance in organising workshops or study trips to Brussels;
  5. electronic tools (data feeds on your website or portal) with the latest votes and activities in the European Parliament and the EU Council;
  6. monitoring and assistance with EU funding opportunities;
  7. other work that we agree on.

The revenue from these paid services helps finance our core activities.

Here is more information about some of our services:

Predictions: how the MEPs will shape the legislation in your policy area

You think you know what each MEP stands for by listening to their speeches. However, many businesses and stakeholders are taken by surprise when they see what kind of EU law has actually come out of the EP. The analysis the position of each key player and the overall balance of power can provide highly valuable insights, forecasting the way in which the EP will shape key pieces of legislation (expected to be) put forward by the Commission. This is something that VoteWatch can do for you. For example, we can analyse and predict voting trends in a specific area (e.g. internal market, civil liberties, budget, energy). 

The content of these reports is confidential unless the client chooses to make them public.


Do you want to know how the EU’s political institutions really work from a team with a high level of both practical and academic expertise ? Then subscribe to one of our regular training sessions, or contract us to do a special one for your and your team.

So far the participants in our trainings have included business assocations, NGOs, companies, MEP assistants and EP political group officials. If you are interested in taking part in a group training open to all, or if you prefer a private training for you and/or your colleagues, please contact us for further information.

Communications tools

We have developed a set of dedicated tools which make it easier for anyone interested in EU politics to follow what is going on in the decision-making process. Our generic MEP website widget and Facebook apps are available free of charge. If you are interested in a tailor-made tool for your organisation or company, for instance focusing on a specific policy area, we will be happy to develop one for you. These applications are updated in real-time without the need for human intervention – so you they are always up-to-date.

  • Website widgets: these are small boxes that are embedded into your website. See an example here.
  • Social media applications: Applications linked to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, which update your followers on the activities of a specific MEP, political party or Member States, or which shows what is happening in a specific policy area. See an example here.
  • Application for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets): if you have a mobile application, we can create a section where streamed information from VoteWatch is embedded, or we can create a completely new mobile application for you.

All these tools are automatically updated in real-time from the main VoteWatch website and require no effort from your side other the one-off installation.

If you are interested in any of our services, or if you are interested in supporting our work, please contact the VoteWatch team at [email protected]

Note: in the interests of transparency we declare who our paying clients are in our annual entry in the EU Transparency Register. All information we use for our analysis and tools is derived from publicly available sources.

VoteWatch Europe