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VoteWatch Europe AISBL is an international not-for-profit association registered in Belgium. Our goal is to promote better debates and greater transparency in EU decision-making by providing easy access to, and analysis of, the votes and other activities of the European Parliament (EP) and the EU Council of Ministers (Council). VoteWatch Europe uses the EU Institutions’ own attendance, voting and activity data, to give a full overview of individual MEP, European political group and Member State activity.

Our revenue consists of foundation grants, private donations and income from paid services such as trainings and customised reports. All revenue is used to support our core free-to-the-public activities. We also receive in-kind support from several sponsors (listed on our website).

In the run-up to the 2014 European Parliament elections we expect interest in our data, analyses and online tools to surge. In order to be able to meet the expected demand and improve the dissemination of our research, we are looking for individuals, companies and organisations willing to invest in our future by becoming a ‘supporting member’ of our association.

Supporting members are non-voting members of our general assembly who receive privileged access to a special range of VoteWatch Europe activities and services, including:

-Complimentary access to our monthly EP plenary debriefings;
-A discount of 10% on the regular rates for our paid services (analysis, training, tools). In the case of NGOs, an additional 10% off the discounted rate;
-Invitations to a private preview briefing with the authors ahead of the launch of our regular six-monthly reports;
-For organisations only: the ability to ask for inclusion of analyses of specific votes in our post-plenary debriefing (under our editorial control and subject to a maximum of 1 dossier per plenary session).

Supporting membership is divided into two categories (individuals and organisations), each of which is divided into three subcategories. Some of these offer additional benefits over and above the ones described above.

A) Individuals (annual fee, incl. VAT)

Friend of VoteWatch Europe: €250

Close friend of VoteWatch Europe: €500

Best Friend of VoteWatch Europe: €750

B) Organisations (annual fee, excl. VAT)

Follower of transparency: €1.000

Fan of transparency: €5.000 – Additional benefits: name (not logo) on sponsor page on website and in electronic and printed communications of a general nature (newsletters, all public reports).

Supporter of transparency: €10.000 – Additional benefits: logo on sponsor page on website and name in writing in electronic and printed communications of a general nature (newsletters, all public reports), plus logo in all specialised communications in one relevant policy area, when applicable.

Champion of transparency: €30.000 – Additional benefits: logo included in the homepage sponsor banner and on the sponsor page, in electronic newsletters and on all printed materials.

All supporting members are listed here. All our sources of income, including membership fees and donations, are declared in our entry in the EU transparency register (entry number 963464610642-86). This entry is updated at the beginning of each calendar year.

To become a supporting member, please contact the VoteWatch Europe secretariat, [email protected], tel. +32 2 318 11 88.

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