We’re hiring – Paid Internship as Policy and Communication Assistant

Paid internship – Policy and Communication Assistant
at VoteWatch Europe

VoteWatch Europe is the leading international non-governmental organisation tracking the votes of European politicians and electoral developments across the EU. Since our launch in early 2009, we have achieved outstanding results and have quickly built a very solid reputation. Our analyses are used on a daily basis by thousands of EU decision-makers, stakeholders, researchers and citizens. Continue Reading

VoteWatch Europe’s Director, Doru Frantescu, interviewed by CNN on Brexit’s implications for the EU

The global broadcasting company CNN recently listed 5 reasons the EU would miss the UK. Our Director, Doru Peter Frantescu, was invited to share his knowledge about the impact of a Brexit on certain EU policies.

There will be less support for free market and free trade policies in an EU without the UK, Frantescu pointed out during the interview: “With the British representatives out of these bodies, there will be a momentum for those who propose more red tape, more taxation, to promote their agenda on these policies”. Continue Reading

EU-SIM Call for applications

Still wondering what you will be doing this summer? You can live an exceptional experience by participating in a unique international EU decision-making process simulation.

Become an EU leader for a week and fly to Romania!

Who can apply?

If you live in Belgium, are passionate about EU politics and are a dynamic youngster willing to meet like-minded young Europeans you cannot miss this unique opportunity! Continue Reading

Austrian thrilling elections will have far-reaching impacts on EU political developments

After a passionate two-day scrutiny, Alexander Van Der Bellen (supported by the Greens) narrowly defeated his far-right wing opponent, Norbert Hofer (Freedom Party of Austria), therefore becoming the new Austrian President (50,3% vs 49,7%). Notably, the ecologist candidate only managed to win thanks to the postal votes counted today, whereas yesterday night the anti-EU Hofer was leading by some 144.000 votes. Continue Reading

Cypriot Elections: what impact on EU’s relations with Turkey and Russia’s influence?

Yesterday, the Cypriot citizens living in the southern part of the island cast their vote to elect the House of Representatives, the legislative institution of Cypriot political system. The two larger parties, the centre right wing Democratic Rally (DISY-EPP) and the far left wing Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL-GUE-NGL) saw their share of votes declining, whereas smaller anti-establishment parties gained more votes (and seats). Continue Reading

EU Parliamentarians ask for the extension of parental leave

The report assessing the implementation of the parental leave directive, drafted by S&D Member Marie Arena, was adopted by 491 votes in favour, 101 against and 38 abstentions. All the EU political groups supported the final text with the exception of the Conservative MEPs of ECR group and the far-right members of ENF group. In the Eurosceptic group EFDD, UKIP members abstained, whereas the Italian members from the M5S voted in favour. Continue Reading

MEPs support mandatory corporate tax reporting and exchange of information

Canary wharf skyline

An overwhelming majority of Members of the European Parliament adopted a legislative resolution setting out a plan to reduce aggressive tax planning, evasion and avoidance by increasing the transparency of tax policies across the EU and making mandatory the automatic exchange of information on corporate taxation among national authorities.

The report was adopted by 567 votes in favour, 30 against and 53 abstentions. Continue Reading

European doctors call on the EU citizens to rally behind the European project

VoteWatch has received this call for action from the European Doctors, which we believe it is worth passing on to our readers.

(if you also have a message for our EU citizens and decision-makers that follow our website, feel free to contact us at secreatariat@votewatcheurope.eu).


CPME statement on cooperation in the European Union

The Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) represents National Medical Associations across Europe. Continue Reading

TTIP under pressure: what are the forecasts?

Despite lengthy negotiations and the optimism of the top-level political elites in Hannover, the fate of TTIP is far from certain. The on-going revelations based on leaked documents were meant to give an important blow to the negotiations. Their real impact on the public opinion will be measurable in the coming weeks, while on the medium-term crucial electoral contests are looming ahead. Continue Reading