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Winners and losers of the EP Plenary November 2017

The latest plenary session of the EP featured heated Parliamentary debates, “odd” voting behavior by MEPs and European groups splitting on the most controversial issues. This report highlights the dynamics underlying the most important decisions from the November EP plenary session.

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What future for the ALDE group: the internal divisions and the potential transformations of the kingmaker of the EP

Because of its central position within the political spectrum, ALDE/ADLE is currently the main kingmaker in the EP. We have conducted an ‘X-ray’ of ALDE that shows the differences between its national delegations and provides insights on the future of this group.

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Unusual EU Parliamentarian’s behavior: Sirpa Pietikäinen

In this report, we focus on a Finnish MEP, Sirpa Pietikäinen , who is a member of the centre-right wing National Coalition Party. We discovered that MEP Pietikäinen is more likely to vote in the same way as S&D and ALDE than her own political group, the EPP.

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What shall become of Northern Ireland? The economic challenges of Britain’s weakest region

This second part of this special report on Northern Ireland seeks to show how Brussels and London support the province’s very fabric, in its politics, economy and society.

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Brexit: what consequences for the EU policies after the referendum’s shocking results?

A massive political earthquake shook the world this morning, as the majority of UK’s citizens
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VoteWatch Europe’s Director, Doru Frantescu, interviewed by CNN on Brexit’s implications for the EU

The global broadcasting company CNN recently listed 5 reasons the EU would miss the UK. Continue
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