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TTIP under pressure: what are the forecasts?

This analysis takes a birds-eye view of the EU-wide political landscape in the coming period, the likely developments in the European public opinion (especially Germany, France and Austria) and their impact on the outcome of this game-changing trade deal.

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The national and European politics behind Nord Stream II

At a first glance, the expansion of the Nord Stream Pipeline might merely be seen as a rather technical and legal issue. However, its wide geopolitical implications have always been source of controversies and have led to an intense flurry of activities.

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Austria’s elections take-aways: TTIP and EU’s migration policy under pressure

A political earthquake shook Austria yesterday evening, when the far-right anti-EU candidate Norbert Hofer received about 36% of the votes, trumping every other candidate by more than 10 points.

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Special report: Would Brexit Matter? The UK’s voting record in the Council and the European Parliament

The UK is the most outvoted Member State in the EU Council. However, it has supported more than 97% of the EU laws adopted in the last 12 years, a new report published by VoteWatch Europe shows.

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So what’s driving the major shift in Austria’s political landscape?

Doru Frantescu for Radio France internationale on the elections in Austria
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Brexit or not, Britain’s already isolated in Brussels

Article by Dr Simon Hix, Chair of VoteWatch Europe, for Politico
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Nos députés européens sont-ils assidus ?

Special report by the French TV “France 2″ based on VoteWatch Europe data
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