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EU parliamentarians set the requirements for TiSA negotiations

An overwhelming majority of EU Parliamentarians backed a resolution setting out their recommendations to the Commission for the ongoing negotiation on the Trade in Services Agreement also know as TiSA. The trade pact between the EU and other 22 WTO Members, aimed at improving international rules in

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Centre-right EU parliamentarians rescue Commission’s new proposal on diesel car emission limits

Centre-right MEPs narrowly pushed back an attempt by their leftist and liberal colleagues who wanted to force the Executive to come up with a different law on diesel car emissions. Notably, the 3 MEPs coming from Juncker’s CSP sided with the left, against Commission’s proposal.

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Iowa, a Small but Major Step Towards the White House

Ted Cruz finally knocked down Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump. Cruz came in at 28% support while Trump came in at 24%. On the Democratic side, after a long night of counting, the results show that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had a virtual tie.

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Amigos y rivales | Top 20 votes of the Spanish parties in the European Parliament

We have made an in-depth analysis into what these parties have stood for in the past year in a half. We have looked at facts and not at electoral promises. This is what we found.

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EP debate on Poland could turn into ‘carnage’

VoteWatch Europe quoted in the EU Observer
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La política europea marca el escenario político de cara al 20-D

VoteWatch Europe has been quoted by La Vanguardia
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A hacktivist toolbox

Politico wrote that VoteWatch is arguably the best-known tool to browse and scrutinize the data.
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