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What will EU parliamentarians vote on TTIP ?

Special analysis: let’s map MEPs’ positions on TTIP and EU-US relations in general: a majority of EU parliamentarians seems in favour of TTIP as a whole, at this stage. A softened investor-to-state mechanism might narrowly pass (German SPD and CDU seem kingmakers).

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MEPs call for a “European Roma Holocaust Memorial day”

All the EU political groups voted in favour. The votes against the final text came mainly from the Non-Attached MEPs of far-right parties like the Greek Golden Down, the Italian Lega Nord and the Dutch PVV, while French Front National decided to abstain on the vote on the final text.

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UKIP and 5-Stars agreed on only 27% of EP votes so far. What unites and what divides them ?

The two parties have voted the same way in only 147 out of 541 roll call votes in the EP plenary so far (July 2014 – March 2015), or 27%, while in the rest of times they either cancelled each other votes, or one of the parties abstained.

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EU Countries failed to fully implement EU Directive from 2011, aimed at tackling sexual child abuse

The main issues voted in the non-binding resolution addressing the sexual exploitation of children and child abuse images, were to embrace the investigation of offences, the prosecution of offenders and the protection of child victims.

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EU parliament’s biggest parties vote together

VoteWatch Europe recent research is being used in this Financial Times report
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Juncker vote reveals Socialist divisions in Parliament

A dissident group of 32 MEPs amongst the Socialists & Democrats group in the European
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Will eurosceptics force a new political reality on Europe?

Euronews – The Network (Debate featuring Doru Frantescu, Director of VoteWatch Europe)  
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