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The pro-security camp in the EP is reinforced, following the attacks in Paris. This might secure a majority in favour of the EU PNR agreement

MEPs agree that the EU and its Member States need to invest more in education and creation of jobs to tackle radicalisation. However, there are still a number of key points where the views differ, particularly when it comes to upgrading security measures at the expense of privacy.

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Top 5 likely effects of Brexit on EU’s policies

Brexit would see a substantial shift in the balance of power inside the EU in favour of the pro-social/interventionist political forces. On the other hand, those supporting free market, less red tape and a more competitive Europe would suffer a substantial blow.

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Spitzenkandidaten, EU-wide constituency and ‘europeanisations’ of elections rules for 2019, MEPs asked

If these are adopted, in 2019 we will witness a very different kind of European elections. However, important political players are yet to be convinced.

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Cameron: reforming EU in line with UK’s objectives is not “mission impossible”

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, sent a letter to the President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk, in which he expressed his determination to change the way the EU-UK relations look like, saying that this is not “mission impossible”.

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Votewatch in the media

A hacktivist toolbox

Politico wrote that VoteWatch is arguably the best-known tool to browse and scrutinize the data.
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“Ukip is Europe’s laziest party, researchers reveal” (the Guardian’s own title)

The Guardian wrote this report based on VoteWatch data.
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Nationalists defy EU condemnation of Russia abuses

VoteWatch Europe has been quoted by BBC World News
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