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The make-up and break-up of the ‘EU governing coalition’ ?

Had there not been the vote in January 2015, when the political groups founded impossible to reach consensus on the Commission’s working plan for the current year, we could have concluded that a (super) grand coalition is alive and well.

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Press release: “Who holds the power in the new European Parliament ? And why ?”

VoteWatch Europe, the organisation tracking the voting and activity records of the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), has released a special report to shed light on the developments of the first 6 months of the new EP term.

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What do the EU political families think about Greece, austerity and budget commitments?

Ideological orientations of the Members of the European Parliament can be observed and the opinions differ substantially across the political spectrum.

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VoteWatch Europe is now on YouTube

Our video-clips serve as educational instruments for teaching the public how to find the information needed to track the EU policies and assess the activity of their MEPs.

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Juncker vote reveals Socialist divisions in Parliament

A dissident group of 32 MEPs amongst the Socialists & Democrats group in the European
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Will eurosceptics force a new political reality on Europe?

Euronews – The Network (Debate featuring Doru Frantescu, Director of VoteWatch Europe)  
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Europarlamento, Italia brilla per assenteismo alle votazioni

News report about the participation rate of Italian MEPs to roll-call votes, using VoteWatch Europe
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